Playable makes a general recommendation to everyone everywhere for the duration of autoplay video to be between 6 & 10 seconds.

This is to account for all types of devices, email clients, and connection quality, delivering a video viewing experience to as many people as possible.

Our data & insights also highlight that users are happy to watch short videos, as email is not the place to sit back and watch long videos - like a TV show or movie!

In short, Playable video can play video in email longer than 10 seconds, we can also play multiple videos in a single email too.

To increase the duration of the video simple use Playable's Online Editor to change the duration, edit video frames, or enhance the video with Captions, Footer, etc.

What we recommend to everyone, is to test your audience and local conditions.

Playable optimizes the video in realtime to the individual as they open the email. These details are then captured in our reporting to show the quality of the video is received.

Test your audience over multiple campaigns to see the right duration that works for you.

Please Note: It is also important to understand the client-side factors that also impact the duration of autoplay video in email:

  • Some email clients (ie Gmail, Outlook) will automatically interfere with the video at certain points. For example, dropping video frames after 15 seconds duration.
  • Some devices will limit or interfere with video playback depending on conditions and other applications running on the device.
  • Mobile networks can change connection types or load balance towers, all of which will affect speeds (ie switch between 3G, 4G & 5G). Especially for commuting users.

Please contact us on if you have any more questions.

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