Playable is compatible with 100% mobile email clients and 98% of desktop email clients. The 2% represent old versions of Outlook for Windows on desktop only. 

Outlook for iOS, Outlook for Android, Outlook for Mac, and all fully support Playable's video emails. 

Outlook for Windows now supports video emails, but only for users of Outlook 365 since version 11231. In January 2019 Microsoft announced more support for GIFs which included Playable videos. This was also included in the recent Microsoft Update notes. 

Users of legacy versions of Outlook for Windows will continue to see a static image when viewed on a desktop, for which Playable doesn't charge. If the video email is viewed on Outlook on mobile or online the recipients will experience the HD video email the moment they open the same email.

For video-enabled Outlook versions that are still not showing video will need a change made in the Outlook Options. Ensure 'Play animated GiF's' is checked in the Advanced menu.

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