Playable is compatible with 100% mobile email clients and 98% of desktop email clients. The 2% represent old versions of Outlook for Windows on desktop only. 

As the list below shows, Outlook for iOS, Outlook for Android, Outlook for Mac, and all fully support Playable's video emails. 

Outlook compatibility for video email:

  • Outlook for Mac: MP4, H.264

  • GIF

  • WEBP

  • Outlook 2007-2016 for Windows: Static Image (<2% of consumer campaigns)

Desktop versions of Outlook 2007-2016 for Windows continue to receive a static image, as it is unable to play videos or even animated GIFs.

Please Note: Video emails that show a static image will play a video when viewed on a web browser or mobile device.

Video-enabled versions of Outlook not playing video will need to check the box to 'Play animated GiF's' in the Advanced menu of Outlook Options, as per below.

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