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Why Is The Video Not Showing In My Mailchimp Email?
Why Is The Video Not Showing In My Mailchimp Email?

While Mailchimp loads the video users may suffer a delay in viewing it

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The NEW Playable Video App is now available in the Mailchimp Marketplace. It is the easiest & quickest way to add a video to your emails. For more details please refer to our Video Tutorial and Step-by-Step Guide.

Some Mailchimp users may experience a delay with the video appearing in an email that has just been created. Especially if using the sample function, instead of a test campaign to preview the email.

Once you have added the video from Playable into the Mailchimp template it may take a few minutes to appear as Mailchimp processes the video. The video will usually appear after waiting for about 3-5 minutes before resending a sample or testing.

Alternatively, you can switch to using the Playable Video App to instantly add video using the new Mailchimp builder.

Playable Video App

Mailchimp support is aware of this issue, so please let them know if it affecting you as well. If the issue continues you can also reach out to us at

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