Playable welcomes the chance to help Non-Profit Organizations and Charities, such as the Starlight Foundation in Australia, by discounting their Playable account.

To obtain the 50% discount please follow these simple steps:

  1. Email Playable at and include the following:

    1. The subject line "Request for Non-Profit Discount"

    2. Relevant non-profit status authentication documentation for your country

    3. Confirmation of the email address to be used to create the Playable account

  2. Once we confirm activation of the discount select & create your Playable account

The Playable team will attach the documentation to the email address which enables the discount as soon as the Playable account is created. The discount will stay with the email address to enable account upgrades, but if you need to change the email address the discount is linked to please contact us at

We also recommend taking advantage of our 30-day free trial to become familiar with the features and process of adding video to your emails prior to starting your account.

More information:

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