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Managing Your Playable Account
How To Hibernate Or Cancel Your Account?
How To Hibernate Or Cancel Your Account?

Switching an account to FREE will save all videos and data for future use

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Playable offers users 2 options: hibernate and cancel, to help manage accounts.

Hibernating An Account

Playable recognizes email marketing does fluctuate from month to month for some businesses. We allow accounts to be upgraded & downgraded to accommodate this.

For other businesses, there are months when no email marketing is required. For example, seasonal businesses such as sports, Non-profits & charities, etc. For these scenarios, we offer to hibernate the account which ensures:

  • All videos, reporting, account settings, and data are kept within the account

  • No new charges are incurred while the account is hibernated

  • Full access to the account by all authorized users is still granted

How To Hibernate An Account:

  1. In Account Settings select the Plans tab

  2. Once in the Plans tab use the dropdown box to select the FREE plan

  3. To check any outstanding charges on the account select the Billing tab.

  4. While no new charges are incurred while the account is hibernated, there may be charges carried over from the previous month.

We recommend hibernating the account a day before your billing date.

Canceling An Account

Once deleted, an account cannot be retrieved. We strongly recommend hibernating your account (as per above), to meet the criteria to delete it.

Playable has a few safety precautions relating to accounting, live campaigns, user access, etc. that need to be met for an account to be deleted:

  • No campaign activity for a minimum of 14 days.

  • No Additional Plays incurred from the previous month(s).

  • All outstanding invoices have been paid.

  • The cancelation can only be requested by an authorized user.

How To Cancel An Account:

  1. Meet all the above criteria

  2. Hibernating account for 14 days minimum (recommended)

  3. Email with the subject line "Request To Delete Account"

  4. Email request is sent by an authorized user

Playable support will send confirmation once the account has been deleted, or if there is an issue processing the request.

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