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What Counts As A "Play"?
What Counts As A "Play"?

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What counts as a "Play"?

  • 1 “Play” is when an email recipient opens your email and the video automatically starts playing.

  • 1 Play includes Unlimited loops, if you have chosen for your video to loop.

  • Unopened emails are not counted as a Play.

  • When someone has turned off images on their email app, it will not be counted as a Play

  • Desktop Microsoft Outlook 2007-2019 on Windows (usually between 0.5% and 2% of recipients) displays video as a static image, so we don’t count those as a Play. The majority of Outlook users now open their email on iOS/Android/, which all fully support Playable video. Playable video is now supported on newer versions of Outlook 365 for Windows.

  • When someone opens the email multiple times on the same device, Playable asks the device to cache the video so that subsequent opens will not trigger additional Plays.

  • When someone opens the email on multiple devices or forwards the email to a friend, additional Plays will be counted each time the email is opened and the video automatically starts playing.

  • While you are designing and testing your email template, any Playable videos within your email do incur serving costs, however, we will do our best to exclude those from being counted as Plays.

HINT: Videos can be played from the email client's cache. These will not incur a Play, so it will help reduce overall costs. This will vary depending on the email client (eg Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc).

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