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What Counts As A "Play"?
What Counts As A "Play"?

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What Counts As A "Play"?

What counts as a "Play"?

  • 1 “Play” is when an email recipient opens your email and the video automatically starts playing.

  • 1 Play includes Unlimited loops if you have chosen for your video to loop.

  • Unopened emails are not counted as a Play.

  • When someone has turned off images on their email app, it will not be counted as a Play.

  • Desktop Microsoft Outlook 2007-2019 on Windows (usually between 0.5% and 2% of recipients) displays video as a static image, so we don’t count those as a Play. The majority of Outlook users now open their email on iOS/Android/, which all fully support Playable video. Since January 2019, Playable video is now supported on Outlook 365 for Windows.

  • When someone opens the email multiple times on the same device, Playable asks the device to cache the video so that subsequent opens will not trigger additional Plays.

  • When someone opens the email on multiple devices or forwards the email to a friend, additional Plays will be counted each time the email is opened and the video automatically starts playing.

HINT: Videos can be played from the email client's cache. These will not incur a Play, so it will help reduce overall costs. This will vary depending on the email client (eg Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc).

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