Playable's 30-Day Free Trial is targeted to help new users explore, learn, and internally test Playable's core features without incurring costs until they are ready to go live with their own Video Email Campaigns.

To remove the Playable branding and other restrictions of the 30-day free trial simply upgrade to a paid plan that best suits your requirements.

When you upgrade all videos created to date will automatically recompile to remove any branding. If branding still appears, manually recompile the video.

To help select the best-suited plan please read through all the details listed for each plan on our Pricing Page. There is also a Pricing Calculator with an easy-to-use slider and advance options to help determine the best-suited plan.

Additional information is located below the Pricing Plans. This includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and definitions.

Upgrading or changing plans can be achieved via Account Settings.

More information:

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