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How To Delete Existing Playable Videos?
How To Delete Existing Playable Videos?

Deleting test or duplicate videos is a good practice to manage your library

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Managing your video library is a valuable practice to ensure efficiency and organization. By removing duplicates, variants, or testing videos, you can eliminate confusion and clutter within your video library. This will contribute to a streamlined and effective video management system.

To delete a video (that qualifies as per below), simply follow the next steps.

  1. Switch to List View in the menu:

  2. Select the video(s) to delete.

  3. Once selected, click the Delete icon & wait for the video(s) to disappear from the list.

Please note that once deleted, a video cannot be retrieved. So Playable has a few safety precautions for purposes of accounting, live campaigns, user access, etc:

  • Only videos that have less than 100 Plays can be deleted

  • A video can only be deleted by an authorized user of the account

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