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How To Delete Existing Playable Videos?
How To Delete Existing Playable Videos?

Deleting test or duplicate videos is a good way to manage your library

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It's a good practice to manage your library by deleting videos not being used in campaigns anymore. Removing duplicates, variants, or testing videos will help remove confusion and clutter within your video library.

To delete a video (that qualifies as per below), please follow the next steps.

  1. Switch to List View in the menu:

  2. Select the video(s) to delete.

  3. Once selected, click the Delete icon & wait for the video(s) to disappear from the list.

Please note: Once deleted, a video cannot be retrieved. So Playable has a few safety precautions for purposes of accounting, live campaigns, user access, etc:

  • Only videos that have less than 100 Plays can be deleted

  • A video can only be deleted by an authorized user of the account

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