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How To Control Looping The Video In Email
How To Control Looping The Video In Email

Looping of the video in email has the option to be stopped

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Video email is, by default, set to loop once the email is opened and the video starts playing.

Looping gives viewers the option to return to watch the video after browsing the email, without missing any of the messages or Call To Action (CTA) within the video.

Playable does offer the option to stop the video from looping. This will cause the video to play once only and then stop. Just uncheck the box for looping.

Tip: The loop is free of charge, meaning that if a person watches the video more than once, Playable will only charge one play.

After uploading the video, at the summary, you will see the option to disable it:

Tip: The video starts once the email is opened, so if the user needs to scroll down to the video within the email, they may miss the start of the video.

Please note that any changes to the video setup will require you to update the HTML snippet from the Embed menu, to capture all the changes.

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