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How To Save A Copy Of A Video?
How To Save A Copy Of A Video?

Create a copy instead of uploading the same video

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Playable allows existing videos on the platform to be saved as identical copies, or clones. Is a more efficient process than uploading the same video multiple times.

It's good practice to duplicate videos for a few reasons:

  • It allows an identical video to be used across different campaigns while keeping the data and reports separate.

  • Make minor changes (via Playables' online video editor) and create different versions, or Variants, for multiple video email campaigns or even A/B testing

Playable recommends creating Variants of your videos to:

  • Address video content fatigue and maintain the performance of video content

  • Help increase user engagement & ROI on the video production costs

  • Help better understand video production & performance by testing variants

How to save a copy of an existing video

  1. Switch to List View in the menu

  2. Select the video(s) to save as a copy

  3. Once selected, click the Copy icon & wait for copies to appear on the list

  4. We suggest renaming the new variant as the next step

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