While a video is being uploaded and compiled on the Playable platform, there are several different reasons why a video can fail. The most common include:

  • A break in transmission. An interruption in the internet connection can cause the process to hang (not finish). To save time, Playable uploads & compiles the video in one step, thus the error is seen to happen during compiling

  • No response. The source loading the video becomes unresponsive for long enough to cause a Timed Out error, similar to the error above

  • Correct Permissions. Ensure the correct permissions are in place to download the video. For example, on YouTube ensure the video is not set to private

  • YouTube bug. We're tracking an issue where Youtube is blocking the import of some videos into Playable

There are a few options to help resolve a video that is not compiling:

  1. Refresh the Playable window. Use the refresh icon in the top right to update the Playable window.

  2. Start a new Add Video. Creating a new video will refresh the connection and other elements. This works well for interrupted & timed-out issues.

  3. Upload the original video. Especially for issues with downloading from an online source, use the original video from a computer or network that created the online version for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  4. Wait for the HD version. For recently uploaded videos to an online site, like YouTube, low-quality versions are created before HD versions. Waiting will ensure the best quality source video. Alternatively use the original video as per above.

  5. Wait for the queue to clear. A download request to sites, like YouTube, can be denied due to high traffic. Waiting for a few minutes may resolve the issue.

If the issue persists:

  • 3rd party applications can help access online videos you have permission to use

  • Contact us at Playable@support.video. Please include relevant information and any screenshots or video to help us review and resolve the issue.

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