Accessing Playable Via SFMC AppExchange

Add the Playable app via the Salesforce Marketing Cloud AppExchange

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In addition to the information below, you can find more details regarding Video Email for Salesforce on our website.

Never leave the Salesforce Marketing Cloud dashboard to create video email campaigns. Playable is available, as an app, in SFMC's AppExchange, avoiding the need to separately sign into Playable.

Playables' dashboard integration with SFMC makes it even easier for users to add high-quality videos to email templates with a simple Point & Click.

Playable available via SFMC AppExchange

How to add the Playable app from AppExchange

1. Start here - - then click "Get It Now" then "Install from Salesforce Marketing Cloud"

Install Playable via SFMC AppExchange

2. Click "Install". You may see a message about "This package uses legacy features..." but that's okay you can ignore that.

3. Click "Licenses" then "License All Users". To restrict access to only some users, make sure the individual names are selected/ticked.

Install Playable via SFMC AppExchange

4. Refresh the page to see Playable added to the AppExchange menu. Now you can add Playable videos to your emails directly from the SFMC dashboard.

Playable now selectable via SFMC AppExchange menu


If you do not see Playable listed under your AppExchange menu, or if you see an error when you select Playable from the menu, please try these things:

  1. Setup / Platform Tools / Apps / Installed Packages / Playable / Licenses: make sure you have clicked "License All Users".

  2. Setup / Settings / Security / Security Settings / Restrict Logins by IP Address (IP Whitelisting): if this is set to "Log Violations and Deny Access" please contact for further instructions.

  3. Please contact Salesforce for technical support. Sometimes your account can be restricted in other ways by adding AppExchange apps.

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