Playable is available as an app on Salesforce AppExchange, so you can add videos to your emails without needing to separately sign into Playable:

Using Playable in this way also gives you the benefit of placing your videos into your email templates using the "point & click" method, if you prefer that to manually cutting and pasting the Embed HTML snippet.

How do I add the Playable app from AppExchange?

  1. Start here - - click "Get It Now" then "Install from Salesforce Marketing Cloud"

2. Click "Install". You may see a message about "This package uses legacy features..." but that's okay you can ignore that.

3. Click "Licenses" then "License all Users" (or if you want to restrict access to only some users, make sure they have a tick by their names).

4. Refresh your page and you will see Playable added to your AppExchange menu. Now you can add videos to your emails without needing to separately sign into Playable.


If you do not see Playable listed under your AppExchange menu, or if you see an error when you select Playable from the menu, please try these things:

  1. Setup / Platform Tools / Apps / Installed Packages / Playable / Licenses: make sure you have clicked "License all Users".
  2. Setup / Settings / Security / Security Settings / Restrict Logins by IP Address (IP Whitelisting): if this is set to "Log Violations and Deny Access" please contact for further instructions.
  3. Please contact Salesforce for technical support. Sometimes your account can be restricted in other ways from adding AppExchange apps.

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