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About Playable's AppSumo Branding
About Playable's AppSumo Branding

Watch examples of Playable's branding on AppsSumo videos

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Videos created on the AppSumo Lifetime plan include some Playable branding because there are costs associated with delivering your videos to each viewer, using Amazon's global video content delivery network.

Adding some branding allows Playable to absorb those costs, instead of having our customers pay. We think of this as a marketing activity so we're happy when customers send more video emails!

What does the AppSumo branding look like?

Lifetime plans include a small branded message at the end of all videos in the top left corner. Here's the regular Lifetime branding, at the end, in the top left corner:

Below is an example of the Light Branding available on some Lifetime plans, in the end, in the top left corner:

Q: Can we upgrade to Essentials for the months when we have campaigns and then downgrade to our lifetime Appsumo plan when it's inactive?

A: Yes! Simply choose Essentials on the plan page and enter your credit card details.

You will need to contact to switch back to your AppSumo Lifetime plan.

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