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30-Day Free Trial Branding Examples
30-Day Free Trial Branding Examples

Some examples of Playable's branding for the 30-day free trial

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Playable's 30-day free trial specifically aims to cater to users seeking to explore, learn, and internally test the platform's core features without any associated costs. By offering this trial, Playable assists users in preparing, creating, and publishing video email campaigns that are both effective and successful.

By incorporating branding, Playable can cover the expenses involved in providing every user with high-quality, optimized video content, relieving our customers of this burden.

To eliminate all Playable branding, you can easily upgrade to a Paid Plan. This upgrade will prompt us to recompile your videos, ensuring that the branding is completely removed.

What does Playable branding look like?

A 3-second endcard is added to all videos as per the example below:

Playable's 3 second endcard branding for 30-day free trial

An extended endcard is added to all videos when the Play quota is exceeded:

Playable's extended endcard branding for 30-day free trial

When viewers click on your video, a Playable banner is instantly added to the top of the linked page, providing easy access to information about Playable for those interested in video email. In certain instances, the banner is displayed for a brief duration of 3 seconds before viewers are automatically redirected to your linked page.


Playable's website banner branding for 30-day free trial

More information:

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