Playable's 30-day free trial is targeted at users to explore, learn, and internally test Playable's core features without incurring costs, helping to prepare, create and publish successful video email campaigns.

Adding some branding allows Playable to absorb the costs associated with delivering optimized quality video to every user, instead of having our customers pay.

To remove all Playable branding simply upgrade to a Paid Plan. All videos will be re-compiled to remove the branding from your videos.

What does our branding look like?

A 3-second endcard is added to all videos as per the video below:

Playable's 3 second endcard branding for 30-day free trial

An extended endcard is added to all videos when the Play quota is exceeded:

Playable's extended endcard branding for 30-day free trial

When viewers click on your video, a Playable banner is added to the top of the linked page, so that anyone interested in video email can find out more about Playable. In some cases, the banner is shown for 3 seconds and then viewers are redirected to your linked page.

Playable's website banner branding for 30-day free trial

More information:

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