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What happens if my email platform (ESP) is not supported...yet?

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Playable currently integrates with over 60+ email platforms globally. To review the list of supported Email Platforms (ESP):

  • On our website, you can see the list on our Partner Page

  • On our dashboard, you can see the list of ESPs when publishing a video

Playable supports 2 types of ESP integration:

  1. Optimized HTML is generated for every supported ESP in the Playable platform. This allows users to simply copy & paste the HTML snippet into a 'code block' (for block builder email templates), or added to a template created in native HTML.

  2. Connection via API or OAuth allows users to access their template to point & click to insert the video. This is only available on larger email platforms such as Emarsys, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, and Oracle Bronto (NetSuite).

What if your email platform (ESP) is not currently supported?

You can manually add your ESP via a Merge tag. To get Playable working with an email platform not listed here's how:

  1. On the Playable's Embed page choose "Other" as the ESP

  2. Enter the Merge Tag for your email platform in the space provided

A Merge Tag is a token like {{}} or similar that will be replaced by a unique ID for each recipient once the campaign goes live.

For example: To use Moosend, the Merge tag is #recipient:id#

If you have trouble determining your Merge Tag please contact your ESP.

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