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Learn About Video with Sound (VwS)
Learn About Video with Sound (VwS)

What is Playable's Video with Sound (VwS) feature for Enterprise plans?

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Playable has created a workaround solution that can deliver a video with sound via video email, for our Enterprise clients: Video with Sound (VwS).

It requires a second video (with sound) to be uploaded to our platform. Once the user clicks the autoplay video (with no sound) the VwS video is streamed to the device and plays high-quality sound and video... like an MP4.

There are still a few restrictions to understand, using VwS. For example, Apple Mail will play the VwS within the email, while other email clients (ie Gmail, Outlook, etc) will play the VwS in a browser tab.

The VwS option is used by clients like Red Bull to promote their music festivals. These campaigns also use it in combination with our Live Streaming Video Email.

VwS is currently only offered in our Enterprise plans due to the additional costs associated with this feature. Enterprise clients can contact us for more information and insights at

We are working to make it available to all! ;D

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