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How To Link Your Emarsys Account?

A guide on how Emarsys clients integrate with Playable

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In addition to the information below, you can find more details regarding Video Email for Emarsys on our website.

To create video email campaigns with an Emarsys account Playable offers 2 solutions, Dashboard Integration & Optimized HTML, both of which add video using the very easy and quick methods of Point & Click or Copy & Paste respectively.

Emarsys Dashboard Integration

Linking the Emarsys & Playable accounts streamlines the processes of adding video without leaving the Emarsys dashboard.

The steps to link an Emarsys & Playable account:

1. Create a free Playable account

Simply follow the 'Free Trial' link on the Playable website to create a 30-day free trial account. This account will help to explore, learn, and internally test Playable's core features without incurring costs.

2. Tell Playable your Emarsys Customer ID

Playable needs to know your Emarsys Customer ID to link your Playable account with your Emarsys account.

Your Emarsys Customer ID can be found under "Account ID" after clicking your account name on the Emarsys platform:

If you cannot find your Account ID, please ask your Emarsys Account Manager.

Send your Emarsys Customer ID to with the subject line, "Playable Add-on to Emarsys". In the email, please list the Emarsys Customer ID and details of your Playable account. The company name & email used to create the Playable account are ideal.

Please wait for confirmation from Playable before proceeding to step 3.

3. Submit a ticket to Emarsys, to activate Playable on your Add-On menu

Submit a request on Emarsys Help asking to add Playable to your account.

Emarsys will activate Playable so that it appears in your Add-ons menu:

Playable in the Emarsys Add-ons menu

4. Upgrade to a Playable paid plan

When ready to create a video email campaign to go live, upgrade from the 30-day free trial to a paid plan that best suits your requirements.

Review the available plans via our Pricing Page, & then upgrade from within the account by navigating to Account Setting > Plans. Account setting is accessible by clicking the company name at the top of the left menu.

5. Create your 1st video email campaign

Once on a paid plan, you can send out live Video Email Marketing Campaigns to your audience. Using a simple Point & Click this video tutorial will show you the steps:

Emarsys Optimized HTML

To quickly add a video to an existing Emarsys template you can simply Copy & Paste Playable's HTML snippet, which is optimized for the Emarsys platform, directly into your EDM template.

Using a simple Copy & Paste this video tutorial will show you the steps:

Please note: New customers may Request A Demo by completing the form on the Emarsys & Playable websites or via your Emarsys representative.

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