Copy & Paste HTML To Add Video To Email

Copy & Paste Playable's HTML snippet into the ESP Code/HTML block.

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Playable's focus on streamlined processes to efficiently add optimized videos to your video email campaigns is achieved by our easy-to-use Copy & Paste or Point & Click methods, saving valuable time and money.

The steps to add videos to your email template via Copy & Paste are simple:

  1. Select the ESP on the Embed page to optimize Playale's HTML snippet

  2. Hit the Copy To Clipboard button

  3. In the email template, have a Code/HTML/Source block ready

  4. Paste the HTML snippet into the Code/HTML block and save

  5. The video should start working immediately

For more information on the ESP's Code/HTML/Source block or how to add HTML to the email template please refer to the ESP's Knowledge Base or Support Team.

Please Note: Always ensure the latest HTML snippet is used as it will contain any and all changes made to the video.

The Point & Click method is used with ESPs (Email Platforms), which have a deeper integration with Playable.

For example, Playable is available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) AppExchange or can be linked to Emarsys & Mailchimp accounts via API keys.

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