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Copy & Paste HTML To Add Video To Email

Copy & Paste Playable's HTML snippet into the ESP Code/HTML block.

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Playable's focus on streamlined processes to efficiently add optimized videos to your video email campaigns is achieved by our easy-to-use Copy & Paste or Point & Click methods, saving valuable time and money.

The steps to add videos to your email template via Copy & Paste are simple:

  1. Select the ESP on the Embed page to optimize Playale's HTML snippet

  2. Hit the Copy To Clipboard button

  3. In the email template, have a Code/HTML/Source block ready

  4. Paste the HTML snippet into the Code/HTML block and save

  5. The video should start working immediately

For more information on the ESP's Code/HTML/Source block or how to add HTML to the email template please refer to the ESP's Knowledge Base or Support Team.

Always make sure the latest HTML snippet is used as it will contain any and all changes made to the video.

The Point & Click method is used with ESPs (Email Platforms), which have a deeper integration with Playable.

For example, Playable is available in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) AppExchange or can be linked to Emarsys & Mailchimp accounts via API keys.

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