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Video Quality Depends On The Email Client
Video Quality Depends On The Email Client

Over 80% of video email campaigns are HD & Retina Display quality

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Not all email clients are created equally!

The quality of the video that plays in the video-email when opened varies greatly depending on several factors, but the email clients use is the most significant.

For example, Gmail supports GIF with 356 colors while Apple Mail supports HEVC with millions of colors with quality better than the popular MP4.

Playable's unique & patented platform optimizes the video or live-streams to the individual, in real-time, as the email is opened.

We optimize the video format, frame rate, and resolution for each viewer, depending on the device, email client, and network connection to ensure every viewer enjoys quick loading times and the best viewing experience possible.

Please Note: To ensure the best quality for video email campaigns, you should always use a high-quality source video. We recommend at least a 1200-wide MP4 video.

Below is our compatibility list of email clients and the video formats supported:

  • Apple Mail: MP4, H.264, HEVC

  • Apple iPhone Mail (iOS12+): MP4, H.264, HEVC

  • Apple iPhone Mail (iOS11 & earlier): PNG

  • Apple iPad Mail: MP4, H.264, HEVC

  • Google Android: WEBP

  • Gmail: GIF

  • Outlook for Mac: MP4, H.264

  • GIF

  • WEBP

  • Outlook 2007-2016 for Windows: Static Image (<2% of consumer campaigns)

  • Samsung Mail: WEBP

  • Yahoo! Mail: GIF

  • Yahoo! Mail (Chrome): WEBP

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