In Playables' online Editor there are 2 parts:

  1. The 1st part is the Vision Editor, where scenes are added and timelines adjusted to create the video used in the video email campaigns.

  2. The 2nd part is the Video Enhancements, where Playable offers 4 options that can be turned on or off to help the video deliver better results. These are Captions, Watermark, Endcard, and Footer.

About Watermarks

The play button watermark on videos or stills (eg YouTube) is instantly recognized globally as a prompt or a call to action (CTA) for viewers to click & watch a video.

Playable offers a play button watermark as default for enhancing a video. Leveraging the popularity of this Watermark helps drive engagement as viewers click to continue watching from the video email. But we also let you upload your own Watermark.

How To Use Watermarks

  • After finishing with the Visual Editor hit Continue to access Enhancements

  • With the Watermark tab selected flip the switch to On

  • Change the Watermark by clicking the Watermark and upload a new file

  • Adjust the opacity of the watermark for contrast against the video

  • The preview refreshes after each play-thru to show the Watermark

  • Simply flip the switch to Off to stop the Watermark from appearing on the video

Hint: We recommend internally testing the final Watermark on various devices, screen sizes, and email clients to confirm opacity and contrast as it may vary.

How to use WATERMARK to enhance video for better results

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