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Learn to use ENDCARDS to enhance video for better results

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In Playables' online Editor, there are 2 parts:

  1. The 1st one is the Video Editor, where scenes are added and timelines adjusted to create the video used in the video email campaigns.

  2. The 2nd one is the Video Enhancements, where Playable offers 4 options that can be turned on or off to help the video deliver better results. These are Captions, Watermark, Endcard, and Footer.

About Endcard

At the end of a video, Playable offers the option to place a still or animated image. This can help with reinforcing a Call To Action (CTA), branding, key information, or just help orientate the viewer with the looping of the video.

How To Use Endcards

  • After finishing with the Visual Editor hit Continue to access Enhancements

  • With the Endcard tab selected flip the switch to On

  • Click the current image to upload a still or animated image

  • Under Size, select Contain to keep proportions or Cover to fill the whole screen

  • Set Duration the Endcard is visible, from 1 to 10 seconds

  • Set Background by adding code or selecting the color from the palette options

  • Simply flip the switch to Off to stop the Endcard from appearing on the video

Hint: We recommend internally testing the final Encard on various devices, screen sizes, and email clients to confirm positioning and size as it may vary.

How to use ENDCARD to enhance video for better results

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