The steps to add videos to your email template via Copy & Paste are simple:

  1. In your Playable account, go to Videos

  2. Select the video to add to your MailChimp Email Template

  3. Click on the Embed tab

  4. Select 'MailChimp' from the dropdown list to optimize Playable's HTML snippet

  5. Hit the Copy To Clipboard button

  6. In the MailChimp Email Editor, drag a Code Block to the email body

  7. Delete the existing text in the code field (top right), and paste the HTML snippet

  8. Hit the Save & Close button and the video should start working immediately

Use Point & Click To Instantly Add Video To Mailchimp Emails

If you are not comfortable copying and pasting HTML code into your email templates, an alternative method is to Point & Click directly on your template to instantly add a video to your MailChimp Emails using your MailChimp API Key.

Step-by-step guides to adding videos from different sources

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