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The steps to add videos to your Marketo email template via Copy & Paste are simple:

  1. In your Playable account, go to Videos

  2. Select the video to add to your Marketo Email Template

  3. Click on the Embed tab

  4. Select Marketo from the dropdown list

  5. Hit the Copy To Clipboard button to grab the Embed Code

  6. In your Marketo dashboard, go to Marketing Activities

  7. In the left panel, under Marketing Activities, choose a folder where you'd like to create your email program

  8. Click the New button, then click New Program

  9. Add a name to the program and make sure to select Email under 'Program Type'

  10. Hit the Create button

  11. Look for the Email box and hit New Email

  12. Enter email name, select a template, and click the Create button on the top right

  13. Once the template loads, click on any text content in the email until a small settings icon appears on the top right of the text

  14. Click the settings icon and hit Edit

  15. Click the HTML Editor on the top left of the text editor

  16. Paste the Playable Embed Code into the HTML Source Editor, hit Apply

  17. Hit Save and the video should start playing in your Marketo email template

For a full step-by-step tutorial on how to create, configure and send an Auto Play Video Email using Marketo and Playable, click here.

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