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Details Required When Sending An Email To
Details Required When Sending An Email To

To help identify, replicate, and solve any issues, the following details will benefit the support team.

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When emailing with any issue you are having with your Playable account, we require some basic information.

The support team needs to replicate the issue to resolve it properly, and this requires a process of elimination based on the details you are able to provide.

In addition to sending an email to our support team, make sure you visit our Knowledge Base for Tutorial Videos & Step-By-Step Guides.

As per the list below, any of these details will help resolve your issue faster:

  • Subject Title - A summary of the issue.

    • e.g. Video is not compiling

  • Video Title - As it appears in the Playable console.

  • Device Type - Where the issue is occurring.

    • e.g. Windows PC, MacBook Pro, iPhone, Samsung phone, etc.

  • Operating System & Version - Available from the device.

    • e.g. iOS v15.1, macOS Big Sur v11.6, etc

  • Email Client & Version - Available from the email client.

    • e.g. Apple Mail V14.0, Outlook 365 v2110, etc

  • Describe the Issue - Outline the main issue and factors.

    • e.g. video not playing when opening on Outlook desktop 2016

  • Timestamp When Issue Occurs - So support can trace it in our logs.

  • Screenshots or Video-Capture - Capturing the issue (if possible).

  • Send Email To Support - A source email gives us more technical information.

    Please Note: Send the email as a campaign to support, not a sample of the email. Samples or forwarded emails do not have the same technical information we need to replicate and resolve the issue.

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