How To Add Video To Inxmail Email?

Add Video Using Inxmail's HTML Code Block

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In addition to the Tutorial and Guide below, you can find more helpful information regarding Inxmail on our website.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. In your Playable account, go to Videos.

  2. Select the video to add to your Inxmail Email Campaign.

  3. Click on the Embed tab.

  4. Select 'Inxmail' from the dropdown list and hit the Copy To Clipboard button to grab the Embed Code.

  5. Create a new Multi-Part (HTML + Text) email in the normal way.

    Choose a current template, select an Associated List, then Name the Campaign, and click Finish.

  6. In the Cockpit select the template, click on the header image, and take note of the width to use in a later step. Next, create a Module that will feature your video.

  7. To create a new module click through to Global Settings. Select Create New Module, name the Module (e.g. Video Intro), select the Multipart option, and click Finish.

  8. Paste our HTML code into the <> HTML Code Module, then Save Changes and continue.

  9. Your video content is now embedded in your email template within Inxmail, you can preview this and see the video playing.

    For more information:

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