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Add Your Facebook, TikTok, And Other Sites Videos To Mailchimp Emails Using The Playable Video App
Add Your Facebook, TikTok, And Other Sites Videos To Mailchimp Emails Using The Playable Video App

Add a video, via URL, from Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo, and other video-enabled channels using the Playable Video App

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Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Guide:

Add Video From A URL Using The Playable Video App

1. In Mailchimp's new builder, select Apps from the content block menu.

Select Apps

2. Select Playable Video from the list of apps in the sidebar.

For first-time connections please refer to: Connecting The Playable Video App.

3. Once connected, select Import from URL or upload file from the Video Source drop-down list. Then click the Select Video button to launch a new browser tab to upload your video.

Select Source URL or File

4. Select the Import From URL tab, enter your URL in the Video URL field and click the Import button. The video will automatically start uploading. It will also be added to your Playable account.

Enter URL to upload video

The video will be trimmed to the first 10, 30, or 60 seconds, depending on whether you have a 30-Day Free Trial or Paid Playable Plan (refer: Pricing Page). Edits can be made to the video by accessing the Advanced Features.

5. Once the video has finished uploading you will be automatically returned to the Mailchimp browser tab with the video now playing in your email template.

URL Uploading Bar

6. Optionally, you can enter any URL into the Link Destination field. This is the location the user will be taken once the video in the email is clicked.

7. There is also an option to add Alt Text to the video to help email accessibility.

Once the video is playing in the email, continue to create, test, and send out your Mailchimp video email campaign in the normal way.

Access Advanced Features

The Launch Playable button gives access to Playable's Advanced Features. It opens the Playable console to your account to upload a video file, access the online editor, and more. For more details refer to:

For more information:

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