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Adding the Playable Video app (refer: Connecting The Playable Video App) from the Mailchimp Marketplace allows you to easily add a high-quality video to your Mailchimp email marketing campaigns.

Advanced Features are a range of product features, available in your Playable account, that requires using the Playable Console to complete.

What Are The Advanced Features?

In the Mailchimp sidebar, there is the option to click the Launch Playable button to access Advanced Features.

Playable Advanced Features

This button will return you to your Playable account where you have access to:

  • The Online Smart Editor: Use the editor to create new edits of the video, create new scenes within a video, reframe or crop section of a video, and more.

  • The Video Enhancements: This is the second part of the editor where you can add Captions, Watermarks, an Endcard &/or a Footer to your video.

  • Upgrading Your Playable Account: Upgrade your account for peak periods like Xmas or because of growth in your video email campaigns.

  • Reporting: Gain some insights into the performance of your video and add it to your Mailchimp reporting for a complete performance review.

  • Video File Upload: Add videos to your account by uploading files from your computer or local network to access in Mailchimp via the Playable App.

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