Playable offers a 2FA feature that can be activated on Enterprise accounts upon request.

How To Setup 2FA On Your Account

Playable's 2FA feature is currently available by request only. To request 2FA on an account simply email with the subject line "2FA" and list your users with their respective Mobile Phone Numbers (including country code) in the body of the email.

How To Login With 2FA

After 2FA has been set up, log in at by entering your email address and password, and clicking the Login button.

Playable Login Screen

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A security code will be sent to your mobile phone, and the login page will prompt you to enter the security code to access your Playable account.

For security reasons, once 2FA has been set up on your account, other Playable login mechanisms will not allow you to access your account. You must log in at

2FA for non-Enterprise Accounts

Playable is integrated with some email platforms that support single sign-on, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Emarsys. By using the 2FA features of those platforms, and single sign-on, you can achieve secure login to your Playable account.

Playable is working to make 2FA available to all accounts - please contact for updates on feature availability for your plan.

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