How To Add Video To Lemlist Campaigns?

Add Video Using Lemlists' HTML Tag

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In addition to the Tutorial and Guide below, you can find further information regarding Lemlist on our website.

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. In your Playable account, go to Videos.

  2. Select the video to add to your Lemlist Email Campaign.

  3. Click on the Embed tab.

  4. Select 'Lemlist' from the dropdown list and hit the Copy To Clipboard button to grab the Embed Code.

  5. In Lemlist, go to your Campaign, click "Sequences", and write a keyword where you want your video to be featured. In this case, I've written (Video here). Then, click the 3 dots in the right bottom corner:

  6. Click Code View and Highlight and replace your keywords with our HTML code.

  7. Click Code View again. Your video is ready now.

  8. You can now Save or Preview your campaign.

For more information:

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