The Autoplay Video within a video email can have a Click Event. This means the video in the email can be clicked/tapped to create an event.

Playable offers 3 options for when an Autoplay Video is clicked/tapped:

1. Open URL on device

Add any URL/link to the input field and hit the Tick Button to confirm the change.

If your marketing objective is to drive a click-through to your landing page, website, product page, webinar, or other destination then this option will drive audiences.

2. Play video and audio natively on device

This is a feature to deliver a video with sound once the Autoplay Video has been clicked/tapped. Simply upload the Clickplay Video Source from a URL, File, or Stock Video Libraries.

In Apple Mail, the video with sound will play directly in the email itself. While other email clients will open a browser tab to play the video and sound.

This is ideal for self-contained email campaigns...the whole campaign occurs in the email, no links to videos or websites to reduce user churn at each point.

Look at Red Bulls' Music Festival Campaign with 2 videos in the single email, both videos click through to play a video with sound (the festival showreel) in Apple Mail.

3. Nothing

Some email campaigns will need the video to do nothing more than just play the content. Select Do Nothing for the video not to be interactive at all.

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