The Playable Website is the default URL that autoplay videos will link to in emails until changed in the settings.

In our Free Account, the link is set to the Playable Website and can only be changed in by upgrading to a paid plan.

For all Paid Accounts, the default link of can be changed in 2 ways:

1. Change URL/ link per video.

In the left-hand menu select Click Action to be presented with the options to change the click action event.

To change the URL/ link ensure the radio button for 'Open URL on device' is checked, the correct URL is entered, and then click the Tick Box to confirm all changes.

This is the perfect way to do deep links from each video to ensure the best user experience.

Please Note: After any changes are made ensure to refresh HTML snippet in the Embed menu

2. Change default URL/ link for the whole account

In the left-hand menu click the Account Name to access the Account Settings. The Edit tab will open as the default tab.

Enter the new default URL/ link into the 'Default Click-thru URL' and confirm by selecting the Tick button below.

Now all new videos will have the new URL as the default. This can still be changed per video as per the steps above.

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