In short, email clients (ie Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc) do not support any sound capabilities for autoplay videos in emails...but we keep trying to change this!!

Let us explain...when you open a Playable video email, the optimized video that immediately plays is referred to as the Autoplay Video. Due to the lack of sound support from email clients, it is not technically possible to play any sound from an autoplay video, even though Playable can send a video with sound to the email client.

So while you may experience sound during the creation of a video email, it will not play the sound once it is opened in the email client.

On a positive note:

  • There is virtually no demand for sound to play when a video email is opened

  • The majority of users prefer to control when the sound plays & the volume level

  • This control is evident when you see prompts 'tap to unmute' or 'click to watch'

  • It is possible to use the lack of sound to drive engagement to hear more.

What is Playable's Video with Sound (VwS) option?

Playable has created a workaround solution that can deliver a video with sound, via video email, for our Enterprise clients. Simply called Video with Sound (VwS).

More information:

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