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What Are The Options For Click Action?
What Are The Options For Click Action?

Click Action is an Enterprise only feature which supports VwS

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Click Action is an Enterprise feature that delivers 3 options to change the behavior of what happens when the autoplay video is clicked/tapped in a video email.

In the Click Action menu simply select one of the following options:

1. Open the URL on the device:

Add any URL/link to the input field and hit the Tick Button to confirm the change.

The most used option to drive audiences to an online destination such as a landing page, website, product page, webinar, online event, etc.

2. Play video and audio natively on the device:

As a result of email clients (ie Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc) not supporting any sound capabilities for autoplay videos in emails, Playable has created a workaround solution simply called Video with Sound or VwS.

Simply upload the video with sound to be played once the autoplay video is clicked/ tapped when prompted by this option and confirm with the Tick Button.

For more information refer to the article Learn About Video with Sound (VwS)

3. Do Nothing:

Some video email campaigns will need the video to do nothing more than just play the content.

Select Do Nothing for the video not to be interactive at all and place more emphasis on the rest of the video email.

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