Playable is the only true HD video & live streaming email marketing solution

  • High-quality video plays directly within the video email upon open

  • Playable's unique & patented platform optimizes videos & live streams to the individual in realtime when opened

  • We optimize the video format, frame rate, and resolution for each viewer depending on the device, email client, and network connection to ensure every viewer enjoys quick loading times and the best viewing experience possible

Playable integrates into your existing email platform (ESP)... quickly & easily!

  • Our easy-to-use Copy & Paste or Point & Click methods add videos to any email campaign quickly, saving time and costs

  • Playable's HTML is optimized for every ESP, ensuring the best performance

  • Major ESPs (ie SalesforceMC, Emarsys, Bronto, & Mailchimp) have options to integrate via AP, oAuth, or App Stores, streamlining the process even further

Playable is committed to ensuring the best viewing experience possible

  • The majority of email clients (ie Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, etc) can play high-definition (HD) videos in email such as MP4, HEVC, etc.

  • These high-quality videos have millions of colors, compared to the limited 365 colors of animated GIFs, delivering better engagement and results

  • We recommend Playable's 30-day free trial to help new users explore, learn, and internally test Playable's core features without incurring costs until they are ready to go live with their own video email campaigns.

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