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Discover the Advantages of Playable's Free Trial
Discover the Advantages of Playable's Free Trial

Explore, learn, & internally test Playable with the Free trial.

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Playable offers a free trial of 30 days, allowing users to explore and familiarize themselves with the core features of Playable's video email platform. This trial aims to help users prepare for successful video email campaigns without incurring costs. To sign up for the free trial, click our website's "Free Trial" button and follow the instructions.

During the trial period, users can take advantage of various benefits, including:

  1. Getting acquainted with the video email platform and its core features.

  2. Integrating and testing Playable with their existing email platform.

  3. Conducting internal tests across different email clients and devices to understand the user experience.

  4. Training staff, teams, or departments on creating and publishing campaigns.

  5. Utilizing Playable's Knowledge Base to gain further insights into video email.

  6. Understanding the process of producing video content for video email campaigns.

  7. Experimenting and testing videos in new and existing email templates.

  8. Creating video email samples for presentations, sales purposes, and other internal examples.

  9. Assisting with the ideation and creation of new strategies enabled by video email.

  10. Updating email journeys, such as welcome series or newsletters, to include high-definition (HD) video.

  11. Gaining a better understanding of how video email can be utilized to help select the right plan for individual needs.

Please note: On the Free plan, only one user is allowed.

It's important to note that the trial is not intended for live campaigns, and there are certain restrictions in place:

  1. Access is limited to core features to facilitate exploration, learning, and internal testing.

  2. The trial includes Playable branding, as illustrated in the examples provided in the "30-Day Free Trial Branding" article.

  3. There are limitations on video duration, the number of plays, and the inclusion of links.

  4. The trial is limited to one user.

On the 30 days of trial, users have the option to upgrade at any time following the upgrade prompts. However, access to core features such as the optimized Embed Code will no longer be available. For instructions on removing Playable branding, please refer to the relevant article. Once upgraded, all existing videos will be recompiled to remove any branding associated with Playable.

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