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What's in Playable's 30-Day Free Trial?
What's in Playable's 30-Day Free Trial?

30-day free trial features and benefits

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Playable's 30-day free trial is targeted at allowing users to explore, learn, and test video emails using Playable's core features

The features and capabilities in our 30-day free trial include the following:

  • 10-second maximum video duration.

  • 1 user per trial account.

  • Autoplay video when the email is opened.

  • Video click-thru to any link/ URL.

  • Smart online video editor.

  • Video optimization for every individual recipient.

  • Integration into your existing email platform (ESP).

  • Access to customer service via email, chat support, and Knowledge Base.

Please Note: Playable Branding is also added to videos while you’re on the Free Trial. However, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime during the free trial, to remove all branding and full access to features matching your paid plan.

Please visit our Solutions for Your Industry page, where you can find a range of sample snippets across various industries. These samples showcase the power of video in email campaigns and demonstrate the immersive experience that awaits your audience.

How to upgrade to a paid plan?

Upgrading the account is easy. Once you log in, go to My Account, and fill out the requested information.

Then, hit the Authorize green button and fill out your credit card details.

After upgrading the account to a paid plan, all existing videos will be recompiled to remove Playable Branding. Features and Capabilities may also change depending on the plan chosen.

Can I cancel my free trial account?

We don’t manually delete Free Trial accounts as the trial will run out if not upgraded to a paid plan after the 30-day trial.

  • We don't ask for credit card details so the account doesn’t automatically roll into a paid account.

  • Old Accounts will eventually be deleted after a time frame of inactivity.

  • We designed our free trial so you can walk away and come back when the time is right.

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