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What Is Playable And How Does It Work?
What Is Playable And How Does It Work?

Learn how Playable's video email can help improve your email marketing

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What is Playable?

Playable is a video platform for creating and launching video email marketing campaigns. With Playable, marketers can send emails where videos play directly within the email client, driving increased engagement, ROI, and conversion.

Video in Email: Playable specializes in providing video in email through HTML embed code. This unique feature allows you to enhance your email marketing campaigns by directly embedding videos that recipients can watch without leaving their inbox.

Looping Videos: Playable's looping feature allows you to offer unlimited plays of your videos for a single fee.

Flexible Pricing: Playable offers competitive and flexible pricing options. You pay per play at a rate of $0.03, ensuring that you only pay for the actual engagement with your videos.

No Cancellation Fees: You can cancel your plan at any time without incurring additional charges or penalties. This flexibility gives you peace of mind and allows you to adapt your subscription as needed.

Tailored Enterprise Solutions: For higher requirements and volumes, Playable offers enterprise plans that can be customized to your specific needs. These plans provide more personalized features, pricing options, and support to accommodate larger-scale video deployments such as Video With Sound (VwS) or up to 1 minute of video duration.

How does Playable work?

  • Sign up for a Playable account and upload videos from your computer or cellphone.

  • Make edits, add captions, add scenes, improve branding, etc. via the Editor.

  • Copy & paste the Embed Code into your email template using your existing email marketing platform.

  • Playable optimizes the video format, frame rate, and resolution of your videos for your email recipients depending on the device, email client, and network quality

  • With Playable, your audience can enjoy high-quality video email campaigns that auto-play upon opening the email.

Does Playable integrate with popular email marketing platforms (ESP)?

Absolutely! Playable currently integrates with over 60+ email platforms globally. To review the list of our partners, see Supported Email Marketing Platforms.

Please Note: You can add Playable videos to your emails by simply copying & pasting the Embed Code or integrating your email marketing platform with Playable. Please check out our articles on How To Add Videos To Email Templates.

Does Playable play with the same quality as the source video?

Playable is compatible with 100% of mobile email clients and 98% of desktop email clients. The 2% represent old versions of Outlook for Windows on desktop only.

Please read this article about Video Quality and Email Clients.

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