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Playables' 3-Steps To An Enterprise Plan
Playables' 3-Steps To An Enterprise Plan

Account Setup, Testing, Choosing a plan, and Setting you up for Success

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Hey, I'm glad you're here. We're excited to be your video email marketing partner!

For our Enterprise clients, we have a flexible onboarding process to help get you started with Playable. However, this 3-step guide takes you through the steps favored by the majority of our new Enterprise clients:

Step 1. Sign up for a 30-day Free Trial:

We highly recommend taking advantage of the free trial to explore, learn, and internally test Playables' core features, without incurring any costs. This access to the platform helps greatly in your preparation for the steps to follow.

So, if you haven't yet, please sign up and start your Playable 30-day free trial today.

This free trial is not designed for live campaigns (see Step 2) as Playable branding is added to videos and links. Please refer to this article to learn about The Benefits Of Playable's 30-Day Free Trial.

Step 2. Paid Trial Campaigns:

This step gives new clients the freedom to conduct live market trials to their specific requirements, gaining insights and information to help you decide on a full Playable account.

5 to 10 campaigns over 1 to 2 months are the average type of trial we experience. The focus of trials vary greatly, including Proof of Concept (POC), Testing (video vs static), Live Data, Downstream Metrics, Content Strategy, Advertising, etc.

Once details are known, we require the following information to help recommend an account and get the trial started:

  • Number of campaigns during the trial period

  • Total volume (sends) per campaign

  • Average monthly Open Rate

  • The duration of the trials

  • Email platform used during the trial

During this time, new clients can access the Playable team for training, testing, and knowledge workshops to help prepare for the trial campaigns.

At the end of the trial, there is a review of all the reporting, feedback, & data from the trial to confirm all findings & results.

Step 3. Selecting a Full Account:

In addition to the information & data from the trial, there are a number of other considerations to take into account when selecting the best-suited plan.

Here are 3 examples of considerations for managing onboarding & growth:

  • The actual number of video emails (vs normal emails).

    • Video email is not for every campaign (eg authentications, confirmations, etc)

  • It takes time to change existing campaigns to use video to alter monthly usage

    • eg Newsletter, Welcome Series, Winback, etc

    • eg Video content production able to support email timeframes

  • Understanding usage and plotting a growth roadmap

    • If it fluctuates month to month then a monthly plan would work best

    • If it is consistent month to month then a yearly plan will give you a discount

The above information will then give a breakdown, similar to the information in the trial (i.e. total volumes, campaigns, etc), for us to base an account recommendation on all qualified volume discounts and plan benefits applied.

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