1. Video Duration

A duration of between 8 & 30 seconds (as per our data insights) is the general sweet spot to drive user engagement and deliver the best video quality to the most users.

Videos longer than 30 seconds may suffer inferior quality and delays when opening the email. Read "How to increase video duration" for more details.

2. Video Call to Action (CTA)

A Call to Action or CTA located within the video itself is a key element to have completed during video creation and editing.

For example, a text overlay or animated text introduced in the video at about the 6 second mark and then again featured within the Endcard at the end of the video.

3. Video Placement

Place the video at the head of the email template across the full width of the template for maximum impact from the video.

Using multiple videos in an email allows you to use placement to effectively promote advertisers, sponsors, products, testimonials, online events or to draw users down the email.

Templates for video email do not have to be more than 600w for general or 450w for mobile-first campaigns.

4. Avoid Talking Head Videos

Autoplay videos do not play any sound or audio. So a video of someone talking, with no sound will reduce the effectiveness of the video email.

Please read 'Why does my Video have no sound?' for more information.

5. Communicate the Proposition Clearly

Ensure the video content communicates the core proposition of the campaign clearly, and without sound.

6. Great Source Video

When importing the source video to Playable, import a file which is 2x the size of the file you ultimately wish to publish within your email, this will ensure your video email is of the highest quality.

7. Email Call to Action (CTA)

Repeat the same CTA from the video in the email itself. This is usually in the form of a simple clear text or by adding an interactive element like a button.

On the Playable website, under Solutions, there is a list of video email samples sorted by industry. Please use these to look at some of the innovative ways video email can be used.

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